Cartoon property for sale...

A visit to the factory

Who is controlling what?

The African carved and painted saucer The African carved and painted saucer. This limited edition saucer can be bought for $US 215.00. It is 11in (28cm) in diameter (approx)

Free shipping within continental USA and Canada. All others please inquire. Canadian customers pay the HST (13%).

This Just landed.... A steel flying saucer...
Just landed.... Heavier, and more robust
These steel models are a special order due to their rarity. Contact us for availability.
The saucer salesman's home Pictures of the flying saucer salesman

But seriously folks.....

I have 48 of the wooden "saucers" (picture top right; approx 10" in diameter) for sale as a lot.

Offers in the region of $1080.00

And also from the Flying Saucer Salesman's stable...

All rights in perpetuity for the following literary properties (with minimum opening bids). All suited for monetization in media, games, licensed products, proprietary products, publishing, etc.

A Wallop Gallollup $17,500 Wallop Gallollup
B Catjamaal $17,500 Cat
C Emilybird $17,500 Emilybird
D Ittybeans $14,500 Ittibeans
E The Fly Pilots $14,500 Fly Pilots
F Azebria $14,500 Azebra
G Brendasaurus $17,500 Brenda
H Guttford & Co. $17,500 Guttford
I Earsfield The Elephant $14,500 Earsford
J Chickenicky & Chickenewt $14,500 Chickens
K Iohtis $14,500 Iohtis
L Digital Darby $14,500 Darby

Declare your interest (here).

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