In High by Mybest

(This Domane name for sale)

An aerial photograph without the danger, noise, or expense


Here are some examples:

This is what I can do for you:

  • Take the photograph.
  • Send it to you.

My Home page or E-mail me at:

My house

Another house, through the trees

The Office to

Me an the bambo stick(s)

That good-looking guy is me. I attach a camera and my shutter-release mechanism to the pole and I am ready....

A building on the Lakeshore

Corner Lot Another shot
home pageA Marina on Lake Ontario

I have reduced the resolution of these examples for quicker loading. The original pictures were taken with a 5 megapixle camera.

The price is ... well, I haven't worked that out yet.. plus expenses, plus GST.

I do take vacations from time to time.... and I do work for real money. That said, I will get it done within a day or two. Call me (905)272-2222. Toronto to Oakville to Brampton area. My location is central Mississauga, Ontario.