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Building Opportunities in Mississauga for adults with intellectual disabilities

Government and agencies
In Canada, Social Services is the responsibility of the Provincial Governments. Here is a list of the Provincial MPPs. These are the people who must be convinced to make changes. See All MPPs
Minister of Community & Social Services MacLeod, Hon Lisa

Tel 416-325-6351

Mississauga South Rudy Cuzzetto

Tel 905-274-8228

Mississauga East Cooksvile Rasheed, Kaleed Tel 905-238-1751
Mississauga Erin Mills Sabawy, Sheref Tel 416-326-7253
MIssissauga Streetsville Tangri, Nina Tel 905-569-1643
Mississauga Malton Deepak Anand

Tel 905-696-0367

Opportunities Mississauga for 21 plus (