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Is it hokey?

is it real?

he'll do anything,

to make a deal.

Buy 'em large,

buy 'em small,

He's always available

to take your call.

He tries so hard

to make the sale

he'll even guarantee

that they'll never fail.

For young and old,

it's the ultimate toy.

They'll bring you happiness

and everlasting joy.

Watch them fly,

or watch them sit.

It's your imagination

that it will hit.

Fly to another city

country, planet or star

it does not really matter

it could be near or far.

The mystics will marvel

The phycics will sing.

This is very special,

not just a thing.

So ponder no more,

and gather your nerve.

on the road to destiny

this is a swerve.

Song 2

The Flying saucer Salesman...

Where's he from,

can you tell?

Are his little models real?

...Does he know

But just can't say?

Does he come

From far away?

We just think

He's something rare,


Do we care?


...TheFlyingSaucer Salesman(.com)

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